A remarkable study on the immune boosting power of turkey tail mushrooms and an ironically successful case (3 min. 56 sec.)

I found this remarkable short video on the Facebook page for Nutritional Solutions, a company that has offered science based nutritional consultation to cancer patients all around the world since 1997. It is staffed by medical professionals and founded by Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD., CNC, who has an excellent reputation among integrative cancer treatment professionals. So I took the video more seriously than I might have otherwise.

Coriolus (aka turkey tail mushroom) has been shown in scientific studies to boost immune function in cancer patients that have had their immune systems weakened by chemo or radiation therapy. In this TED Talk, Paul Stamets talks about results of a study of turkey tail’s immune enhancing effects (and shows excellent graphics to illustrate the results) and how it hit home when his 84 year old mother was diagnosed with extremely advanced breast cancer and had few if any conventional options.

NOTE: Paul talks about use of turkey tail normally and preferably used as an adjunct (i.e. in addition to) conventional treatment, not as a replacement for conventional care. His mother’s case was rather exceptional as you’ll see in short video.



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June 13, 2014 · 6:08 pm

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