If you or a loved one has cancer, heart disease, weight problems or almost any other health issue I hope you’ll watch this video







Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is about a lot more than juicing or losing weight 

This is an inspiring film about Australian businessman Joe Cross and his battle to overcome growing weight problems and a painful, rare skin disorder requiring him to take numerous medicines. He had finally had enough and decided to go on a juice fast and drive across America interviewing people about their eating habits.

The best part of the video is when Joe connects with a trucker who coincidentally suffers from the same two problems but worse. I won’t ruin the ending for you but let’s just say it will make you all goose pimply if you like happy endings.

A cousin of mine was so inspired by watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that he adopted healthy eating and living habits and lost over 60 pounds. Pretty amazing.

What the real message of this film is and why I think it’s so important for anyone with health issues, and especially for anyone with late stage cancer

I think the film should be inspiring for most people with almost any health issues. I don’t even think the vehicle he used (juicing) is important. The most important message of this film is the amazing things that are possible when you take responsibility of your health and start adopting healthy eating and living habits. The healing powers that our Creator put into our bodies, when they are properly nourished, exercised and rested is pretty amazing.

I’m not endorsing juicing by posting this video; but here’s what I am endorsing

This post is not an endorsement of or recommendation for juice fasting (or any healthy eating or lifestyle regime) as a replacement for conventional cancer treatment. What I am endorsing is finding and adding as many science based nutritional tools and weapons to complement conventional cancer treatment such as chemo (which is just one tool/weapon) in your efforts to manage late stage cancer and increase the possibility of late stage remission.

Keep your oncologist informed about any major dietary changes or addition of supplements

I highly recommend talking with your oncologist about the addition of any supplements or major dietary changes (for example going on an extended juice fast, or daily use of green tea) in order to minimize the possibility of interaction with chemo drugs resulting in unintended side effects.


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June 26, 2014 · 9:06 pm

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