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Another pellet in the anti-cancer “magic shotgun”: Studies reveal the anti-cancer potential of sweet potato proteins (3 min. 13 sec. video)

Here’s another pellet for your anti-cancer magic shotgun provided by Dr. Michael Greger and his nonprofit organization, In an earlier post I wrote of Dr. Greger’s recommendation to give up the search for a mythical magic bullet to deal with cancer (i.e. a single medicine, food, or drink that would allow us to continue the dietary and lifestyle habits that in most cases have caused the cancer in the first place) and replace it with the search for as many anti-cancer pellets as possible to use in a “magic shotgun” to fight cancer using as many natural nontoxic resources as possible to complement conventional treatments.

This will allow the cancer patient to 1. Recover faster and better from the trauma of conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemo 2. Help change the body’s biochemistry to one less supportive of cancer cell growth (see Dr. Keith Block’s excellent book Life Over Cancer reviewed in an earlier post for the six biochemical conditions that encourage cancer cell growth).



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