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April 2013 Skokie - LV trip (5)

Above photo: My wife and me at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan on the way to The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment April of this year (2013). We were so impressed with results she’d gotten just from implementing some of what we’d read in Dr. Block’s book (Life Over Cancer) that we got some help to visit The Block Center.

My name is Carl Borja Nelson. My wife is Conchita Nelson (Bobot to all her friends). We live on the island of Guam, which is in the Pacific Ocean, about three hours flying time east of the Philippines.

My wife was diagnosed with stage 2b metastatic invasive breast cancer in November 2009. After six trips to The Medical City in the Philippines for a second opinion, a mastectomy, some of her chemo sessions (four of six) and a 56 day stay for 33 sessions of radiation, her cancer went into temporary remission.

In November 2011, her cancer returned. This time it was stage 4 (the final and most advanced stage of metastatic cancer) and had spread to her chest wall.

Despite regular chemo sessions and the use of some very expensive drugs which, at most they only slowed the relentless slow progress of the disease. It eventually spread to her lungs and started to consume her. She began to waste away.

I did a lot of searching through dozens of books and websites to find what we could do to extend her life and I found lifestyle and dietary strategies, including information on the integrative cancer care approach pioneered by Keith I. Block, M.D. and others; when combined with her ongoing chemo, I believe this was instrumental in helping to slow and start to reverse her illness and bringing it to the point where it can be managed (we hope long-term for many years).

During my wife’s many chemo sessions on Guam and in the Philippines and during our trip to The Block Center For Integrative Cancer Care in Skokie Illinois we met many people silently waging a daily battle with cancer. As I learned more about this insidious disease the thought that often occurred to me is that so much of this suffering, and sometimes eventual death, is unnecessary.

With the right lifestyle and dietary changes science asserts that many cancers are avoidable. Cancers traced to genetic causes have been shown to be a small fraction of the total (at most 15% according to many studies). And even once cancer is diagnosed (even advanced stage cancers) I’ve seen example after example of cases using the integrative care approach that there is often much  that can be done combining conventional care with science based diet and lifestyle changes to extend life and sometimes even regain normal health permanently. While there can be no guarantees (we’re each unique complex bio organisms and cancer can have many different biological fingerprints, each one requiring different treatment) I believe in an old adage: If there is nothing to lose and much to gain by trying then by all means try!      

This blog is dedicated to sharing the story of my wife’s journey in learning to live with cancer and the integrative cancer care strategies we used, with as many of the millions of people daily silently battling cancer  as possible, with the hope it will be of help and encouragement to some of them.


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