Select alternative cancer treatment resources

As I mentioned in a post May 2014, watching my wife react to increasingly toxic chemo drugs has opened my eyes to the long term devastation such drugs have on the body’s cells, tissues, organs and systems (such as the precious immune system) which is desperately needed in the fight against cancerous cells and tumors.

My reading of the excellent book Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly A. Turner, a specialist in integrative oncology who is devoting her life to researching and documenting cases of late stage remission. She focuses of cases of cancer patients who turned to alternative cancer treatment after all conventional treatments been used and there are no conventional options left or patients who had seen others experience the traumatic side-effects of extremely toxic, damaging conventional treatments (or had seen others do so) and opted to try to find another less traumatic course.  She writes in her book that her research uncovered over one thousand such cases documented in medical journals. And, from her own interviews of oncologists who had patients who experienced radical remissions she believes that for every one case documented in medical journals she estimates that there are over a hundred that were never documented. Reading radical remission also opened my eyes to the nine strategies radical remission cancer survivors share and the variety of approaches such survivors used as their main focus. Some approaches that late stage survivors integrated into their cancer fight I would have thought could not possibly help. But the combined strategies used in each case somehow worked because they were alive years after their oncologists predicted their death from late stage cancer.

I now believe I have to open up my search for help and truth to where ever I find it. Even highly selective alternative treatments.

I plan on being extremely selective with the alternative resources I post on this page because admittedly the alternative cancer field can seem a bit like the wild west with less standards and rules.

Also sometimes cancer patients search for and use of alternative therapies don’t end well. But then again patients exclusively using conventional treatments often don’t end well. They are often able to hammer the cancer using the chemo, radiation and surgery sledge hammers and eke out a few extra months or years but at tremendous cost to the body and their quality of life. I’ve seen it happen over and over again that the cancer is hammered into submission but the patient’s body slowly succumbs to the repeated battering and each time the cancer returns it finds a body less and less able to assist in resisting cancer’s onslaught.

Also, especially for middle class cancer patients, the treatment costs become progressively ruinous. The rich have lots of money and coverage and the poor have programs but pity the middle class families who lose coverage or have only partial coverage (i.e. 70/30 or 80/20 coverage as with Medicare). Twenty percent of a flu shot is no big  deal but 20 percent of chemo, radiation or surgery can be enormous. Statistics tell us that the costs of catastrophic illness is the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.

For the above reasons I’ll only post what I believe are books, websites, etc. that–in my opinion–may be worth looking into by people who have run out of options due to growing costs and-or treatment trauma and toxicity.

I will only post some options with no guarantees and recommend that anyone considering such approaches use their best judgement.  I just want to offer a bit of help and hope to people in a dark and difficult situation.

This page may have no resources posted after one year (from May 2014) or it may have one or ten resources or fifty. If I read of an alternative approach and I feel uneasy or wouldn’t consider using it to help my wife I will not post it.

There are no alternative cancer treatment resources as of May 2014 because I’m only starting my search.


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