What are the nine factors shared by the over one thousand documented cases of people with late stage cancers that went into complete remission?

What can we learn from the over one thousand people with advanced cancers that went into complete remission (as documented by medical journals)?

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds


This book is now officially my second favorite book on the topic of surviving and managing late stage cancer

I received Radical Remission via Amazon a few days ago and started right into it. It’s now officially my second favorite book on surviving and managing late stage cancer (right after Life Over Cancer by Keith Block, MD).

I was referred to Radical Remission  by Elyn Jacobs–a professional cancer coach–who I contacted for suggestions on the next steps I should take to help my wife manage her stage 4 breast cancer. She felt I would find it helpful me in my efforts, and she was right. (Thanks Elyn!)

By the way Elyn has an excellent blog (elynjacobs.wordpress.com) loaded with numerous resources if you’re searching for links to science-based books on cancer treatment, podcast interviews with numerous cancer specialists, article links, etc. to aid you or a loved one in a cancer battle. She is a cancer survivor herself and has devoted her life as a professional cancer coach to guiding people through the confusing, sometimes overwhelming cancer maze.

How and why Radical Remission was written

In the process of getting her doctorate at The University of California at Berkeley, Kelley Turner was surprised to learn of the case of someone with advanced cancer that went into complete remission. According to conventional medical dogma this is simply not possible. Curious, she dug deeper and eventually found that there were over one thousand similar documented cases of unexplained spontaneous remission. And this doesn’t count the numerous examples she found of spontaneous remissions experienced but never reported by physicians.

Dr. Turner would eventually devote her life to studying the nine factors shared by such extraordinary spontaneous remissions and write Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Reviews for Radical Remission:

Radical Remission is a treasure trove of BIG TRUTH about the incredible healing power available to each and every one of us!” (Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the ,New York Timesbestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause)

Radical Remission shows how we can shift the odds of remission in our favor. What I like most about this book is balance. Turner does not ask anyone to abandon conventional therapy, but instructs us on how to add healing factors that are often overlooked.” (Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters)

Never before has anyone with Dr. Turner’s credentials dared to research the million dollar question: why do some patients get better from seemingly “incurable” illnesses? Dr. Turner has uncovered the holy grail those who want to optimize their chances for cure have been seeking. Bravo, Dr. Turner! (Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine & host of the National Public Television special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine)

Radical Remission is a personal and deeply moving exploration of the power of the human spirit and innate wisdom of the body to overcome catastrophic illness. Persons with cancer and their families and friends will find it especially helpful. (Andrew Weil, M.D.)

This book is filled with important information for everyone, whether struggling with cancer or not. She is giving the world a gift at such an important time as so many are feeling like they can’t take their lives into their own hands. Kelly empowers us all to do exactly that. (Colleen Saidman, cofounder and codirector of Yoga Shanti)

Kelly Turner delivers the message people addressing cancer — or seeking to prevent it — need to hear. Turner’s book gives you the support you need — from science, tradition, and common sense — to make powerful lifestyle changes that will tip the scales in your favor. (Pamela Miles)

Kelly Turner is studying phenomena that is the very research and story sharing that will step us forward into solving the cancer plague. Kelly Turner writes as an accomplished scientist and as a compassionate human being to inspire us to question deeply the roots of our illnesses. (Rodney Yee, author of Moving Toward Balance)

An important book for all cancer patients. Radical Remission is filled with hope, science and possibilities. (Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author)


From the back cover:  

Discover the nine keys that can unlock your pathway to dramatic healing.

Kelly Turner, Ph.D., a researcher and psychotherapist who specializes in integrative oncology, gives the reader the results of her research on over a thousand cases of Radical Remission—people who have defied a serious or even terminal cancer diagnosis with a complete reversal of the disease. The results of this study, which focused on seventy-five factors, include astounding insights of the nine key factors that Dr. Turner found among nearly every Radical Remission survivor she has studied and an explanation of how the reader can put these practices to work in his or her own life.

Every chapter of Radical Remission includes dramatic stories of survivors’ journeys back to wellness. The realization that the possibilities for healing are more abundant than we had previously known gives people concrete ways to defy the overwhelming prognosis of terminal cancer. This is a book for those who are in the midst of receiving conventional cancer treatment, who are looking for other options because that treatment has done all that it can, or who seemingly have no options left but still feel that the future holds the possibility of hope.

Kelly Turner’s Radical Remission shows that it is possible to triumph over cancer, even in situations that seem hopeless. Encompassing diet, stress, emotions, spirituality, and other factors that profoundly affect our health and well-being, Turner’s discussion of how our choices can cause the seemingly miraculous to happen will open your eyes to what is possible when it comes to lasting healing.

I’m an Amazon Affiliate for any orders through the above links to Radical Remission. If you order through these links thank you for your kind help with my efforts to cover my wife’s chemo expenses.  


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