A personal note: The most important anticancer weapon/tool I’ve found in our five year battle

A personal note: The most important anticancer weapon/tool I've found in our five year battle

I usually post videos, articles or links to anticancer tools, weapons, or strategies I’ve found useful and want to share with others battling cancer (or caregiving those battling cancer). But every once in a while I’ll post a brief personal note on something I’ve learned in our battle that I hope will help others.

If you had limited resources and had to choose to invest the bulk of your time and money in only one thing in your cancer fight what would it be? Fund raising? Accessing cutting edge technology or drugs (which can cost tens of thousands of dollars for the newer drugs)? The newest integrative treatments? The newest alternative treatments?   As important as some of these are, I think one thing ranks significantly above any of them or just about anything else you can name.

The most important weapon/tool I’ve found in helping my wife battle stage 4 breast cancer is science based (i.e. evidence based) knowledge. This enables me to ask the right questions of oncologists (missing a key question can have catastrophic consequences), pursue the right conventional, integrative or alternative treatments or strategies and make the best use of whatever limited financial resources we have.

The problem is that the internet is flooded with information and much of it is false, or contradictory, or meant to manipulate (i.e. sell something to you). The solution is to find a select few sources that are science-evidence based, that are reputable, that you can trust and know what they’re talking about and learn some new anticancer knowledge everyday–even if it’s only one new idea, thought, strategy–to help you or those you love.

Selective accumulated knowledge compounds. Invest that knowledge and it could pay off with the biggest return on investment there is: saving your life or the life of someone you love very much.

Not sure where to start? Scroll through Stage 4 Living and watch a short mini-video or two that appeal to you. Then look at the recommended book, CDs and websites recommended on the resource pages at the top of this blog.



May 2, 2014 · 10:06 pm

2 responses to “A personal note: The most important anticancer weapon/tool I’ve found in our five year battle

  1. Reblogged this on elynjacobs and commented:
    Indeed…knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes options–if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

    • Thanks for the comment and reblog Elyn. I plan on as soon as I can posting your blog as a resource on one of my resource pages at the top of my blog. You have a broad overview of cancer treatment and I think your blog is a cornucopia of knowledge for the seeker to dig through and come up with some valuable gems of life saving knowledge.

      Sorry the Skype call didn’t work out (couldn’t find my microphone). I’ll contact you later and, if you’re still game, we can try again (if your schedule allows).

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