How the curcumin in tumeric turns back on the cancer cell suicide switch (4 min. 36 sec. video)

In this short (4 min. 36 sec.) video Dr. Michael Greger ( explains:

*How the pigment in tumeric (curcumin) helps regulate cancer cell death (aka apoptosis) in several ways (theoretically making it harder for cancer cells to adapt as they virtually always eventually do to chemo drugs).

*How long it takes for the body to completely replace (through normal cell suicide) it’s 10 to 13 trillions cells (100 to 130 billions cells per day).

*How cancer cells “overstay their welcome” by somehow turning off their natural suicide switch.

*How curcumin somehow turns back on cancer cells suicide switch (using several different mechanisms of action) without harming normal cells.

*And much more.


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March 8, 2014 · 4:13 pm

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