The curry connection: tumeric and cancer prevention and treatment (4 min. 15 sec. video)

In this brief video (4 min. 15 sec.) by Dr. Michael Greger ( you’ll learn about:

*The age around which most cancers start

*The age around which most cancers are diagnosed (hint: there’s often around a 30 year “incubation” period)

*Why pharmaceutical companies are much less interested in plant based cancer treatment products than synthetics although the plant based drugs may actually be less expensive, safer and naturally multi-target cancer cells (as opposed to the much more expensive single target approach commonly used today).

*How high tumeric consuming Southeast Asian countries, for example India, have cancer rates several times lower than the US: prostate cancer – 23 X less, male melanoma skin cancer – 14 X less.

*Other simple dietary factors that many scientists think contribute to the startlingly lower cancer rates in some Southeast Asian countries.

*The high anti-oxidant food category that Indians consume much more of that contribute to a much lower cancer rate than populations eating a typical Western diet (high fat, high white sugar, high refined flour, high red meat, etc.).


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March 7, 2014 · 12:51 pm

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