Can we eat to starve cancer? (20 min. 2 sec. video)

Dr. William Li’s delivers a fascinating TED Talk–a nontechnical explanation of a treatment strategy involving medicines and common foods and drinks that can help cancer patients to “starve” their cancers. He presents some impressive evidence to support the effectiveness of this approach called anti-angiogenesis.

I heard some ideas that I can easily incorporate into the nutritional measures I’m using to help my wife in our efforts to manage her stage 4 breast cancer. By “managing” I mean complementing conventional cancer therapy (i.e. chemo, etc.) by taking scientifically validated dietary and lifestyle measures to help slow, stop and maybe even reverse tumor growth, and strengthen her body to battle cancer and recover from chemo, thus extending her life and giving her a better quality of life.


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February 12, 2014 · 1:05 am

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