A quick demonstration of how to make a simple green smoothie by the mother of the green smoothie movement (6 min. 31 sec. video)

In some past posts I mentioned how I started to investigate and experiment with nutritional shakes and eventually green smoothies to nourish my wife’s body to fight her cancer and recover from the trauma of surgery, 33 radiation sessions, and long term chemo.

I did this because I had read in the book Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin (VP of Nutrition with Cancer Centers of America for ten years) the startling statistic that of people that are diagnosed with advanced cancers and eventually die, about 40 percent die, not from cancer, but from malnutrition. They literally starve to death. 

At that time my wife’s cancer adapted to the expensive chemo drugs she was getting and she had rapidly lost 32 lbs., lost her appetite (in addition to food tasting like a chemistry kit due to the chemo), and became progressively very weak. To me she was showing classic signs of the starvation Dr. Quillin had written about.

In this video is a demo of a how to prepare a simple green smoothie by a woman considered by some to be the mother of green smoothies, Victoria Boutenko. She was at least one of the earliest popularizers of green smoothies. Her books and videos encourage eating of raw food as much as possible. My wife and I aren’t vegans, vegetarians or raw foodists but we have still found the use of green smoothies to be extremely helpful in our efforts to complement conventional treatment and help manage her illness.

Through a lot of experimenting I incorporate and rotate several vegetables (and a few fruits) which contain phytonutrients that scientific studies have shown to have anticancer properties such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale. Please see some of the videos I’ve posted below by Dr. Michael Greger for an explanation of the science behind some anticancer fruits and vegetables). With some experimentation you can regularly quickly produce green smoothies that taste pretty good (despite the green color).

My wife isn’t a health nut by any stretch of the imagination. This was one way of taking advantage of consuming greens without wearing out her jaws chewing through bowls of salad every day. I told her to think of it as kind of like drinking her daily salads (with a pleasant fruity taste).

I’ve also written a couple of posts in the past on my experiences using green smoothies. I hope they’re of help to some in incorporating them into their efforts to nourish their bodies to manage their illness and recover from toxic cancer treatments (chemo, radiation and surgery).


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January 13, 2014 · 10:09 pm

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