What dietary change significantly enhances cancer defenses within two weeks? (3 min. 7 sec. video)

Dr. Michael Greger talks about a study that demonstrates that two weeks on a plant-based diet appears to significantly enhance cancer defenses against breast cancer and colon cancer cells.

That’s great news for people considering all options to manage late stage cancer. But even better is the fact that the blood of those eating a vegan diet for a year suppresses cancer cell growth nearly eight times better.

My wife and I are not vegans or vegetarians but we have significantly upped our intake of veggies based on the evidence. And we eat less meat or flesh foods–mostly fish and chicken. In many countries where cancer occurrence is much lower than the US, meat is used in moderate amounts as a condiment (i.e. flavoring). This is the approach we’re taking using just chicken and fish and it seems to be working fine for us.

If the thought of wearing out your jaws munching on all those veggies and fruits turns you off you might try what we did for my wife (who is not a health nut by any stretch of the imagination). I researched our options and we turned to using green smoothies in the morning and evening. Although the concept sounds kind of yucky, the smoothies only come out green sometimes–depending on what you put into them. Basically they’re composed of half veggies and half fruits and topped off with any other nutritional supplements you want to add in (whey, ground flax seeds, etc.) and water.

I try to incorporate certain fruits and vegetables that have been demonstrated by scientific studies to have certain anticancer properties (books such as Life Over Cancer and Anticancer will give you ideas for fruits and vegetables you can experiment with to come up with something at least palatable or (once you get it right through some experimenting) downright good tasting.


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January 6, 2014 · 5:58 pm

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