The results of a study shows how a common spice and an herb can reduce CT scan radiation damage (5 min. 59 sec. video)

In an earlier post I wrote about the concern I had about my wife having quarterly CT scans to monitor her stage 4 cancer. As Dr. Michael Greger mentioned in the video accompanying that post, each CT scan exposes the patient to about the same amount of radiation as 400 x-rays. Unfortunately patients aren’t normally warned about such exposure and the possible risks before scans. I had to dig this up on my own.

In this video Dr. Greger talks about studies done on actual people and demonstrating the effectiveness of zingerone (a phytonutrient of ginger) in combating the effects of radiation exposure. One study compared it to the leading drug used for radiation sickness and found it 150 times more powerful.

This is even more important for parents of children getting CT scans to know as children have an even greater cancer risk resulting from this exposure.

Important update (Feb. 26, 2014): I looked up zingerone on Wikipedia (link: The article states that raw ginger doesn’t contain zingerone. When heated or cooked a nutrient in ginger called gingerol is transformed into zingerone through a chemical reaction. At this point I’m not sure if the zingerone created lasts indefinitely or if it slowly evaporates over a long or short time period.


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January 1, 2014 · 10:45 am

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