New weapon against cancer comes from patients’ own bodies

A cousin forwarded the above link to a story about new developments in using patients’ own modified T cells (white blood cells) to recognize and attack cancer in their own bodies. The results are pretty remarkable.

If they can find a way to eventually make this process affordable to the masses it could be a major turning point in the cancer battle. Unfortunately cancer treatment is structured in such a way that companies must pump billions of dollars into possible treatments of cancer symptoms (including the majority of treatments that fail to make it to market) and to meet the extremely costly and time consuming approval process. They must recover these costs (including costs for the many failed drugs) or research and development for these drugs will stop.

The sad fact is that a focus on dealing with root causes of cancer (by the use of anticancer nutrition and lifestyle strategies to complement conventional cancer treatment) would be much less costly but is less profitable. The stated intent is curing cancer but the actual effect is that millions of people find cancer drugs too expensive, and are ignorant of pro and anti-cancer nutrition and lifestyle factors. In my opinion, the result is that millions of people have either died unnecessarily or died sooner than they needed to over the past few decades.


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November 15, 2013 · 1:32 pm

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