A simple, easy, free way to get a cutting edge nutrition education and avoid, manage or possibly reverse some of the leading health problems…like cancer (2 min. 11 sec. video)

The nonprofit mission of Dr. Michael Greger and Nutitionfacts.org

Millions of people are often sick and dying of major nutrition related illnesses (heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc.) each year, not from the illnesses themselves but as a result of not being aware of the facts of how many of these illnesses have their root causes in our diet. There is so much contradictory misinformation on the life and death subject of diet and nutrition in books, articles and on the internet that it’s scary.

Dr. Greger has devoted his life to scouring the over six thousands cutting edge nutrition studies conducted each year by scientists around the world. He brings the best, useful ideas from those studies to you through his short (one to five minute), informative videos and blog posts at the website for his nonprofit organization, nutritionfacts.org.

In the above video he talks about his motivation for bringing the latest nutritional findings to as many people as possible.

A quick, free way to get a quick science-based answer to your nutritional questions 

I highly recommend that when you have nutrition related question you visit the Nutritionfacts website and type your subject into the website search box. Their system will search through their hundreds of brief fact based videos and blog posts and give you the latest scientific findings on the subject.

Getting on nutritionfacts.org’s mailing list and visiting their site is a simple, easy, free way to, bit by bit, get a cutting edge education on nutrition that can save you time, a lot of money (one of my wife’s chemo drugs cost $11,000 a bottle of 120 tablets) and maybe your life or the life of a loved one.

If you are totally overwhelmed by the tsunami of information flowing from the internet, I recommend making an email folder and save nutritionfacts emails for future reference.


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November 15, 2013 · 11:08 am

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