A story of hope: another example of someone surviving stage 4 kidney cancer (9 min. 52 sec. video)

A man shares his experience in surviving multiple recurrences of cancer including stage 4 kidney cancer.

Despite all the struggles he’s been through what’s remarkable is how normal he looks and how positive his attitude seems.

I hope some find his story and example encouraging. I hope it lets people know that they’re not alone. Others have walked this path before.

Can your doctor really predict how long you have to live? 

Please also read an October repost I did entitled Dr. Keith Block on cancer survival statistics: can your physician really predict how long you have to live? Dr. Block has dealt with advanced cancers for over thirty two years and is considered by many to be the father of integrative cancer treatment and is the co-founder of The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment. I’ve run into case after case where patients have amazed their oncologists and lived many years and sometimes decades beyond their predicted death. 

Please note that this story doesn’t include any comments on integrative treatment strategies (other than his use of CDs). It was posted just to give examples of the possibility of surviving despite a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.


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November 13, 2013 · 12:54 pm

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