How to eat to avoid 15 of the top 16 causes of death in the world—cancer is no. 2 (55 min. 50 sec. video)

Would you like to invest less than an hour and learn to eat so you and your loved ones could lessen your risk of dying from 15 of the 16 top killers in the world? Diseases including heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease and cirrhosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, hypertension and seven more.

Dr. Michael Greger produces and releases a new mini video on nutritional topics (based on his scouring of recent nutritional studies) every weekday through his organization, Nutrition Facts (

This video is his effort to tie together the knowledge in all his videos released through 2012 – 2013 with the goal of equipping people with the knowledge to avoid 15 of the top 16 causes of death in the world.

He has released videos on over 1,700 topics to date and this was his most popular one for 2012 – 2013 (over 863,000 views to date).

It’s longer than most of his other mini videos (over 55 minutes) but if you’re interested in learning how you or your loved ones can eat to avoid 15 of the top 16 causes of death in the world (cancer is number 2) it’s fascinating viewing and will go fast for most people. Lots of moving graphics to jazz things up and some occasional humour thrown in to make the knowledge go down easier. 

NOTE: I’m not a vegan or vegetarian and am not trying to promote such diets. (Although we have cut out use of red meats and pork.)  But I believe that knowing the science behind the diets that best prevent cancer or fight existing cancer helps us to make better choices and reduce our risk and strengthen our bodies to better fight cancer and recover from conventional cancer treatments (chemo, radiation and surgery).



October 28, 2013 · 10:53 pm

2 responses to “How to eat to avoid 15 of the top 16 causes of death in the world—cancer is no. 2 (55 min. 50 sec. video)

  1. adonis

    Thanks so very much for sharing this awesome video Carl! It’s well worth my passing this on to many others and in particular a close friend whose niece at 20 years of age has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.

    • Hi Adonis. I’m glad you liked the video. In the book Anticancer, Dr. David Serban-Schreiber’s research found that where ever you find a Western diet (high red meat, high fat, high refined carbhydrates, high white sugar, etc.) you find a dramatic spike in cancers. You didn’t see the kind of cancer deaths we’re experiencing when the island ancestors ate off the land (wild fruits and vegetables, free range and wild animals). Despite the unspoken message that my wife’s downhill slide was an unavoidable progression of her cancer I researched and adjusted her diet and her symptoms (dramatic weight loss, loss of appetite, loss of strength, pain in her right arm, tingling and numbness in her left hand fingers) all subsided and went away. Unfortunately the cancer is stage 4 and the cancer cells have migrated all over her body so we’re likely only buying her more time but we’re grateful for every added day, week or month and year.

      I HIGHLY recommend the work of Dr. Keith Block (Life Over Cancer,, (I’ve made several posts about and by Dr. Block on my blog.) I don’t think my wife would still be alive if not for his information. We were so impressed that we flew to the Block Center April of this year. Some of his recommendations aren’t easy for someone loves our Western diet. But it helps the patient at least make informed choices. And if someone is committed to maximizing their life and quality of life with cancer I believe Dr. Block’s approach is the best avenue. This is based on our experience.

      Thanks for your continued interest in the information I’ve posted. I hope more people will get help from the tools I’m trying to make available.

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