How to have a quick, delicious cancer preventive breakfast (2 min. 21 sec. video)

Every morning Dr. Michael Greger throws together a relatively simple, healthy smoothie that’s packed with cancer preventive antioxidents.

Why are antioxidents so important? Our body’s are continually manufacturing billions of cells and some of those cells have (or end up with) damaged DNA (each cell’s blueprint for what their job is in the body building project). This causes some cells to grow out of control and, if not stopped by the body’s defenses, become cancerous tumors. Antioxidents help to neutralize those rogue cells.

Here’s Dr. Greger’s recipe for a relatively simple, antioxident packed breakfast smoothie. The smoothie is relatively simple and most ingredients should be available at your local health food store or vitamin store. Anything not, these days, is as close as the internet.

NOTE: Dr. Greger has over a thousand mini videos covering over 1,700 topics and viewed by millions of people. This video was one of the top ten viewed in 2011 – 2012.


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October 23, 2013 · 10:38 am

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