Gerson Therapy vs. chemothapy (1st of 2 videos)

Dr. Michael Greger looks at the result of studies pitting Gerson Therapy vs. chemotherapy in treating cancer. Given that Dr. Greger is a vegan I was surprised by the results of the studies that he focuses on.

Gerson Therapy was started decades ago by Dr. Max Gerson and is a mostly diet based alternative to treating cancer which is still enjoying some popularity due to continued sale of books and videos (such as The Beautiful Truth and The Gerson Miracle).

People dealing with cancer are often facing a life-and-death battle and, understandably, are willing to look at different alternatives in their search for answers. Unfortunately they usually don’t have the time to test the many hundreds of alternative therapies out there.

SIDE NOTE: when my wife and I visited The Block Center and spoke to Dr. Keith Block, I put the question to him of the “natural” approach versus conventional cancer care. He said that in over thirty years of dealing with all stages and kinds of cancers he’s seen patients take one of three approaches: 1. All conventional 2. All “natural” 3. Combining the best current conventional cancer treatment with scientifically validated anticancer diet and lifestyle strategies (i.e. the integrative cancer treatment strateg). By far patients that chose the third approach got significantly better results (i.e. better length and quality of life).

The take-away I came away with from this whole journey is to use all the scientifically validated tools on your tool belt to fight this illness.


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October 19, 2013 · 11:44 am

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