Can specific foods increase survival of cancer?

Can specific foods increase survival of cancer?  Photo by Snap (courtesy of Flickr and Creative Commons, click on photo to link to photo page)

Can specific foods increase survival of cancer? Here’s how Dr. Keith Block–who has dealt with advanced cancers for over thirty years, co-founded The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment and authored the book Life Over Cancer–responds:

Existing research doesn’t support the notion that specific foods can increase survival. However, there is considerable evidence that dietary patterns can make a significant difference for women fighting breast cancer.

In my Oct. 27 post I reposted a piece from his blog in which he looks at some of those “dietary patterns”. Although the post was addressing recommended dietary patterns to adopt in managing breast cancer, I believe many of his suggestions would be helpful in dealing with all types of cancer.

The danger in thinking there’s a “magic bullet” food (as with the search for the “magic bullet” medicine) is that there’s the temptation to think that you can plop that food or medicine on top of an unchanged standard Western diet (of high white sugar, high white flour, high animal fat, high animal protein, etc.) and think that the food or medicine will compensate for it. What it takes care of usually is the symptoms; the causes of the illness are left untouched. From reading, and experience I would compare that to trying to put out a fire by pouring water on one end of the fire and gasoline of the other end. It’s a self defeating exercise.


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October 17, 2013 · 12:01 pm

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