Which fruits fight cancer best?

Click on the above for a short, interesting, scientifically based (but nontechnical) talk by Michael Greger, MD on which fruits have the most anticancer properties. And which is the champ.

It’s handy knowledge if you want to change your diet to lessen the chances of getting cancer or want to introduce foods into your diet to help suppress cancer cell growth to supplement ongoing cancer treatment.

I give my wife my own version of an anticancer fruit/veggie smoothie twice a day and I can say without a doubt that such nutritional measures have definitely reversed her rapid decline she was going through last year from cachexia (rapid weight loss, growing weakness, loss of appetite, etc.). By now she should have been severely emaciated (skinny) or dead. Many people comment that she doesn’t look like she has stage 4 cancer.

It has definitely helped to manage her cancer and extend her life.


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September 17, 2013 · 1:13 pm

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