What if the conventional theory of how cancer starts and grows is wrong?

Click on the above picture to hear a TED Talk by cancer researcher Mina Bissell on a new understanding of the roots of cancer. Conventional cancer thinking focuses on the theory that the DNA in single cells become damaged causing cells to go haywire and grow out of control. Thankfully, the body’s defense mechanisms take care of most of these rogue cells. But sometimes one escapes and, over years, doubles and redoubles eventually growing into a full blown tumor.

Ms. Bissell has done extensive research on an alternate theory about the part the biochemical microenvironment has in instructing cells to become cancerous. She demonstrates that changing the microenvironment can change those instructions even to the point of possibly having them revert back to normal cells.

The talk is slightly technical but it’s worth the effort. It’s helpful in understanding a new explanation of the causes of cancer and giving hope for what is possible if we can change the biochemistry around the cancerous cells through a combination of food, drugs and lifestyle changes.

I found it helpful and interesting. I hope you do too.


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September 15, 2013 · 11:43 am

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