“Do I have to visit The Block Center in order to benefit from integrative cancer care?”

At the Block Center at Skokie, Illinois April of this year.

At the Block Center at Skokie, Illinois April of this year.

“Do I need to visit The Block Center in order to benefit from integrative cancer care?” Someone asked me a similar question at an online forum for patients and families dealing with stage 4 breast cancer.

My personal nonprofessional opinion is that, for many people, I’m inclined to say no. But the bottom line is that decision will depend your particular situation.

I was able to use some of lifestyle and dietary strategies recommended in Dr. Block’s book, Life Over Cancer (to complement my wife’s local conventional cancer care and) to first help slow and then to help shrink many of the approximately thirty lesions that had spread to her lungs and which were causing her to waste away from cachexia.

Everyone’s situation is different. Some have money, physical or other limitations that prevent travel. But my experience with my wife’s health demonstrates that it’s possible to experience significant benefits despite such limitations. We only made the decision to travel to the Block Center after my wife had experienced shrinkage to the lesions.

We were so impressed with what had happened that we wanted to have additional testing done to see what other recommendations we could get for my wife’s specific biochemical conditions existing in her body that were contributing to her illness. But we had significantly benefitted before the trip.

The bottom line is not being able to visit the Block Center is no reason to avoid learning some of the basic principles of integrative cancer care and doing what you can, where you are, with what you have.

That said, we were finally able to take a trip to The Block Center. We met with a staff oncologist, nutritionist, psychologist (to discuss psychological factors that may contribute to cancer) and Dr. Block himself. They ran extensive blood tests to clarify the exact biochemical conditions existing in my wife’s body that, according to the integrative cancer care principles as outlined in Life Over Cancer, have likely contributed to her particular cancer and emailed me an extensive report of the results with their comments and recommendations.

We have no regrets that we went, but each person has to make that decision based on their particular situation, resources, limitations, desires and needs.



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2 responses to ““Do I have to visit The Block Center in order to benefit from integrative cancer care?”

  1. Sandra

    I am living through this situation and wish to learn more about the integrative cancer care. Unfortunately in my country no-one seem to know anything about the topic. The oncologists do not say anything about a nutritious approach and when I suggested the idea they were neither in favour nor against.

    I have bought the book by Dr P. Quillin – Beating Cancer with Nutrition. I am reading the book but have so many questions with regards to the new eating plan. Kindly can anyone indicate a website or let me know who can I speak to with regards to the integrative approach? I appreciate any help.

    In the meantime I would like to thanks ConchitasHubby for leading me on to this blog and above mentioned book and letting me see some hope in these dark and frightening times.

    • I found Beating Cancer With Nutrition as a helpful place to start (especially the 12 page Shortcut: Executive Summary at the beginning of the book (21 things to do plus the CD which I played over and over for encouragement and quick instruction). Other than that I picked through the book to find particular chapters or sections that I felt would be helpful to me.

      After Beating Cancer With Nutrtition I found Anticancer which I also found helpful in understanding some basic things about the causes of cancer and proactive steps we could take with my wife’s (and my family’s diet and my wife’s lifestyle such as walking for regular moderate exercise). I bought the hardback copy but also available (for people too weak or not inclined to read) is an excellent audio version which I also invested in to listen to as I worked or drove around. I also bought his excellent DVD presentation for PBS by the same name; he discusses the causes of cancer in the western diet and why we see a spike in cancer where ever you see a predominately western diet (i.e. high white flour, high white sugar, high red meat, high fat, etc.).

      The most helpful book I found is Life Over Cancer. It is a long book (550+ pages) but when we visited the Block Center (by our choice not because we had to) Dr. Block told me that (for people that are too weak or not inclined to read a lot) the essentials can be found in chapters 1, 4 and 13 (and I also found chapters 14 through 19 to be very helpful in understanding the six biochemical conditions that can exist in the body that can contribute to tumor growth and what we can do to change that biochemical environment to become more hostile to cancer cells).

      have several links to websites (like the website for Life Over Cancer, lifeovercancer.com) short articles and videos by Dr. Block on this blog which I hope are a helpful introduction to some fundamentals of integrative cancer care.

      My wife’s local oncologists take a largely conventional approach to cancer care so I felt it was up to me to incorporate the steps into our lives to change my wife’s biochemistry as much as possible. From reading I believe that the conventional care has a valuable part in the battle by lopping away at the symptoms of the cancer (like the branches of a tree) while the anticancer diet and lifestyle advocated by integrative cancer works on the root system of the tree by denying or minimizing the tumor(s) the nutrition and conditions they need to grow and spread.

      I hope this is some help in your journey and battle. Tell me if I can be of any more help.

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