My sincere thanks and an apology

DSCN0499I want to thank everyone that has visited this blog (some repeatedly) dedicated to telling the story of my wife’s cancer battle and how she has benefited from using the integrative cancer care approach. I want to share the integrative cancer care option (i.e. conventional cancer care plus scientifically supported complementary therapies such as anticancer nutrition, etc.) with as many people as possible.. It adds some very helpful  tools and weapons to the cancer sufferer’s arsenal in their daily battle against cancer.

I recently developed a tear in the inside wall of my left eyeball and just had laser surgery this morning. I was advised to keep reading to an absolute minimum for three weeks (due to the stress the jerky back and forth movement of the eyeball produces during reading).If the tear progresses it will threaten the eyesight in my left eye so I have to take it as seriously as I can.

I will be slowing down somewhat on posting (but not stopping) during this period. I will try to post what I can so please continue to stop by and check what’s new. Your understanding is appreciated. Please continue to share this blog with as many others as you can (personally, on your mailing list, on Facebook, etc.) that are fighting their personal battle with cancer and are looking for more tools and weapons in their battle. Your help in informing people of the integrative cancer care option will be greatly appreciated.

When my ophthalmologist says I can come start reading as usual I have plans to improve the blog’s appearance and contents.

Thank you again for your kind support and sharing this information with others battling cancer (or who have friends or family who are doing so).             


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